Advantages to an Owner of instructing an IPA by a MIA surveyor

  • An IPA undertaken by a MIA surveyor is one of the most effective methods of making a vessel stand-out from a crowd of other similar boats available for sale.

  • An IPA report helps to reassure potential buyers of the condition of a vessel, which will make the vessel more marketable and improve the prospect of an early sale.

  • An IPA will reveal any significant defects with the vessel before sale, enabling a seller to address these, or to price the vessel accordingly, factoring-in any post-sale repairs that a buyer may need to undertake.

  • An IPA is a focussed ‘walk through’ vessel assessment available at relatively low cost.

Advantages to a Buyer of a boat being sold with an IPA report prepared by a MIA surveyor

  • The invaluable reassurance that a vessel advertised for sale with an IPA report has already been given a preliminary, structured, once-over  inspection by an independent, expert marine surveyor, who is knowledgeable about second-hand yachts and motor boats and what to be wary of, and to look out for, when buying.

  • The confidence to proceed with a boat viewing, knowing that what is reported in the IPA fairly represents the boat the buyer will travel to see and is interested in.

  • Real savings of time and money in the boat buying process - buyers waste less time viewing unsuitable, disappointing boats and, generally, will pay less for a full condition survey undertaken by a surveyor who has already carried out a preliminary inspection and prepared an IPA report.

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