The scope of a MIA Report

Whilst every care will be exercised by the Marine Technician when inspecting the vessel and the observed items, the Marine Technician accepts no responsibility for any defects discoverable only by additional inspection, observation or testing, or by a full structural or condition survey. The Marine Technician will not inspect any part of the structure of the vessel, machinery or equipment which is covered, unexposed or inaccessible at the time. The MIA accepts no responsibility for IPAs or reports.

The IPA does not replace a full pre-purchase structural condition survey of a vessel commissioned by a buyer (“FCS”). The MIA recommends that all second-hand vessels undergo a FCS before a sale is completed by a buyer. Where the Marine Technician who carried out the IPA is a surveyor then instructing that surveyor to perform the FCS, is a common-sense approach to overall inspection of the vessel and should result in cost and time savings by the Buyer. Most MIA Marine Technicians will offer a discount for a FCS if they have already inspected the vessel and prepared a MIA report.

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