When instructed to do so by an owner, a Broker Member of the MIA will appoint a Surveyor Member to undertake an IPA and prepare a report on the condition of a boat, which will appear alongside a boat’s advertised specification and details.

IPAs follow pre-determined ‘checklists’ which have been created by leading surveyors and brokers, specifically tailored for each of a second-hand yacht and motor boat.  The checklists can be completed on a tablet or smartphone during an inspection, or in paper form.  An IPA report is then completed online and automatically formatted, finalised and notified to the instructing broker.  Surveyors are paid fixed fees for IPAs depending upon the length of the boat being assessed.  The IPA system is quick and efficient for surveyors to use and follow.

If you are an experienced marine surveyor who would like to apply to become a member of the MIA, please complete the Surveyor Application Form. Membership of the IPA is free for surveyors.

Details of Surveyor Members of the MIA who undertake IPAs, are available to Broker Members when they login

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